Globetek Holdings, LLC (“Globetek”)

Privacy Policy

Globetek is an international provider of mobile device remote locking and unlocking software solutions. Globetek partners with mobile device resellers and telecommunications service providers to provide their users with the benefit of our apps and related services. We make every effort to protect the privacy of the users using Globetek’s website and mobile remote locking and unlocking apps (we refer to these Globetek offerings throughout our policy as “Globetek Sites and Services”). Among other things, in this privacy policy, we inform you of what type of personal information that we collect about you when you use the Globetek Sites and Services. We describe the limited purposes for which we collect, process and share your personal information. And we provide information on your rights to the information that you provide us.

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Collection and Use of Personal Information

Globetek may request that you provide certain information to engage in activities through the Globetek Sites and Services. We do not collect any personally identifiable information (information that can alone, or together with other data in our possession, identify an individual user) without your consent. We can only collect personally identifiable information if you specifically provide us with consent to do so. We collect only the information to carry out the services that you have requested us to provide and to help improve our products and services. We provide more detail below on what personal information we collect and why.